• We are quality, commitment, innovation.

    We operate in extremely competitive, constantly changing markets, which require resilient professionals capable of facing multiple challenges. Hiring dedicated, motivated, enterprising people, with professional rigor and, above all, with a positive attitude is fundamental to the success of Grupo Sousa.

Areas where we operate

Maritime freight transportation

We are Shipping, Port Operations, Maritime Towage Services, Shipping Agents and Shipmanagement.

Integrated Logistics

We are Logistics, Freight Forwarding, Land Transportation and Maintenance.

Passenger sea transportation

We are a Passenger Transport, Hotel, Travel Agency and Cruise Terminal in Lisbon.


We are an Autonomous Gas Unit (AGU), a Wind Farm and Photovoltaic Parks.

Core Structure

We are a Central Structure that provides specialized services to the areas in which the Group operates.

Experience Level


Explore your potential with experienced teams who will help you expand your professional horizons.

New Graduates

Join us and start your future in a solid Group, in a team environment and with opportunities for growth.

Experienced Hires

Increase your professional value by taking on unique projects and challenges in the areas where we operate.




Hiring dedicated, motivated, enterprising people with professional rigor and, above all, a positive attitude is fundamental to the Grupo Sousa success.